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UnSizeMe Classes We have infrafred heating!

Level l: brand new to yoga or hot yoga
Level ll: some yoga experience
Level lll: much yoga experience

YIN (I, II, III):  All Levels: Yin is a slow-paced, floor-based class with Yin specific postures. Yin Yoga applies moderate stress to the connective tissues; also the ligaments, tendons and fascia. It also increases circulation in the joints and greatly improves flexibility by holding stretches with breathing as the foundation.

*GENTLE HATHA (I, II, III):   All Levels: Yoga breathing, easy forward bends & backbends with gentle stretching. Your standing poses can be done kneeling or with a wall or not. Listening to your body is practicing yoga from the inside out.

HATHAtoYIN: (I, II, III):  All Levels: This class is 45 minutes of Hatha and 20 minutes of Yin.

*SLOW FLOW (I, II, III):  All Levels: A well-paced yoga class where foundational postures are linked together with breathing techniques (pranayama). This is a great place to start your preparation into Vinyasa!

ASHTANGA 31:  All Levels: Ashtanga Yoga short form consists of the same 31 poses suited for all levels who want to build up to Primary or Intermediate Series.

HATHA (I, II, III):  All Levels: Holding poses longer, Hatha encompasses heart expansion, forward bending, backbends, twists, standing, floor asanas (postures), arm balances & more. (Some of the longer classes can include progression to headstands and handstands using a wall. (Optional)

All Levels: Salute the Sun&Moon! Vinyasa is a dynamic linking of body movement to rhythmic breath. Invigorate your inner fire through repetitive synchronized asanas forming a continuous meditation that all things are impermanent. For recovery and reflection, there will be therapeutic poses in between sequences.

DYNAMIC FLOW: An energetic flow with a dynamic, fearless approach leading to a healthy, strong, balanced body and mind!

VINYINASA (I, II, III):  All Levels: Get both Yin and Yang! This class starts with “Sun Salutations" for 45 minutes and ends with 20 minutes of deep tissue stretching.

*ASHTANGA (II,III): Experienced Yogis: Expand you practice with Ashtanga!: A form of Vinyasa yoga derived from the teachings of K. Pattabhi Jois, consisting of intelligently designed asanas that encompass the body as a whole promoting vitality, strength and flexibility.

UnSizeMe Classes

***Every class ends with a cool scented towel and a gentle pressure applied to forehead, scalp or shoulders
***Let us know before class if you are post-injury, have joint issues, or have any pain in general
***If you are new to yoga, consult with an UnSizeMe yoga instructor and if applicable, your doctor

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