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Imagine a new earth where size, age, culture and gender bias melts away. We believe you are more than your body, you are a spirit.

We are about transforming from the inside out in a nonjudgmental, uncompetitive, fun, loving environment. Our teachers have amazing training and experience but more important are humble, joyful, patient and consider themselves students in every way.

We are currently working on a non-profit contribution toward anti-stigma awareness.

16 Hot Yoga Tips!

We have new antimicrobial flooring!
  • Please bring a mat, bath towel and water
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class. Punctuality is respectful
  • Keep personal belongings/cell phones in cubbies outside the studio
  • Inform instructor of injuries or pain prior to class
  • Roll your mat out quietly
  • It is suggested to avoid large meals prior to class
  • Hydrate often as you could lose pounds of toxins per class
  • Stand up/get up slowly from any pose, especially if you have low blood pressure
  • Be careful tilting head back in any pose, especially if you have low blood pressure
  • Rest on the mat or leave the room if you feel overheated, please be discreet
  • Be careful when leaving mat, floor could be slippery
  • Keep the area around your mat dry and dry your area after class
  • Try not to step on someone else's mat
  • Sign in before every class and please pay without a reminder
  • Please let us know if you prefer not to be touched during alignment
  • If you think of it, thank your teacher :)

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